About Us

About Us

The story of Halal Food Festival is one of evolution, change and innovation.

The Muslim community in the UK has changed significantly over the last few decades. From small communites seeking out a living in a new and unfamiliar environment to deeply integrated 2nd and 3rd generation members of society. From a halal meat counter at the back of a grocery shop to halal meat counters in major supermarkets; Ramadan campaigns and investment in halal products from major food manufacturers.

Muslim's have evolved to command significant spending power in the UK economy and with that command comes a desire for greater quality, convenience and range of products for our families and lifestyles.

And of course, Muslims also love food... And that's where we come in: meet the Halal Food Festival Team.

The Halal Food Festival aims to celebrate the range and diversity of halal foods from around the world as well as allowing exhibitors to showcase products directly to consumers of halal foods and drink.

Halal Events Ltd

Halal Events Ltd, the organisers of Halal Food Festival,  are aiming to become the most respected event organisers who focus on the halal markets around the world. For us, halal is not just another "growth" market — but a way of life. Look out for our future events:

  • Halal Food Festival Markets
    Local halal food markets across the UK
  • Halal Food Festivals around the World
    Across Europe, the Middle East/Africa, Australia and the USA

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